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Do not breast feed. We do not know if Nolvadex can pass through your milk and if it can harm the baby. Your doctor will tell you how often. These will check for signs of breast cancer and cancer of the endometrium lining of Test P uterus. Because Nolvadex does not prevent all breast cancers, Testoviron, and you may get other types of cancers, you need these exams to find any cancers as early as possible. Because Nolvadex can Test P serious side effects, pay close attention to your body. Medicines are sometimes prescribed for purposes other than those listed in a Medication Guide. Your doctor has prescribed Nolvadex only for you. Do not give it to other people, even if they have a similar condition, because it may harm them.

Testosterone Propionate before and after: Testoviron types, function and training

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